Hi, it's nice to meet you.

I'm navigating the hedges that make up the red maze.  I live in Scotland and daily grapple with 3 nearly teen children, elder care and fitting in a bit of work on the way.

This is my blog, my space and my place to share my thoughts.  Please respect my views and feel free to disagree with my opinions, but please keep it nice, and talk sweetly to me, or you may make me cry.

A writer, finding time to make my way in the world of online blogging in a new online diary, sees me excited to be sharing more of my life with you.

Having worked for Industry for nearly 20 years, I quit my growing highly powered job to be a stay at home mum for 3 adopted kids.  My work life now sees me running around my local town to help small businesses and online blogging agencies.

I write as a parenting blog, but on finding I need to remove my family and disability blogging slightly from the blog that is used to bring in work, "The Red Maze" came about.

Look after yourself while you have a look around my new home from home, and make sure you close the door to stop the rain getting in.

I.  Am.  A.  Geek

So for this reason, I'm using Blogger for this blog, and not Wordpress.  As an experiment, I'm also interested to see just how much difference it makes as a blogger using Google, when I am using Google's own blogging platform.  Sad, I know.

I'm glad you popped in past, now let me get the kettle on and settle you to a cuppa before you start reading.

Come on in.

To Contact Me

Email me at:, or subscribe to the blog for future updates in your inbox.  I'd also be eternally grateful if you could join up with me on Google Friends Connect.  If you do, I promise I'll come and visit your blog to read and do the same.  

Social media is now in my genes.  My iPhone is welded to my hand, and refuses to budge.  I will be PR friendly when this blog gets more established, but hey, if you'd like to advertise here, I'd be happy to listen if you contact me.

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