Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Breakages as a result of kiddie disability frustration.

Living with a child with special needs ends up costing a lot of money with breakages and damage to the house and garden.   Some of you might suck in breath in horror, but others will know exactly what I am saying.  This isn't as a result of the failure of a parent.  We've still to do the washing, ironing, cooking, homework and fit in time for other kids too.

When our kids go to respite or care, they have people with them ALL the time.  Sadly, at home, that is neither practical or possible, but we do as much as we can to have our eyes on them all the time.

Unfortunately, the human body needs to be eliminated occasionally, and it's not appropriate to take a nearly teenage boy into the loo with you, so yes, damage happens.

As part of an ongoing scenario, I'm going to add up the things that have been broken over the previous months to show you how costs spiral when you are living with mental disability in kids.

A complete ongoing tally for the year might actually prove to be quite scary, as a fair few things end up getting broken.

This year, I'll only include the biggies so far and what it would cost to replace what has been damaged :

Brothers iPod Touch:                                                            £130    
Hall Carpet: Disclosured and non cleanable:                           £230
Window Blinds x 3 (Velux) Sadly expensive at £70 each.        £210
Broken Neighbours Window: Replacement glass.                   £200   (labour to come)
Broken DS                                                                            £95  
Wardrobe doors completely damaged.                                   £200
12 Sets of earphones                                                             £60
Bed                                                                                      £55                                      

I'm not sure I want to go on with this one.

Tally so far this year of just the big items.                               £1,180.00

I'll add more as I remember them and also add to it once a month.

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  1. Great post. I have no experience of this personally but I love that you're writing about it. I'll keep an eye on your tally!


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